Conjuring up fantastic one-offs with textile markers​

Turn your jeans into an eye-catcher

Your favourite jeans are past their prime? There’s no need to throw them away anymore –​ in just a few simple steps, you can turn them into a new it-piece! That’s not only creative ​but also sustainable. And in terms of imagination, the sky’s the limit!​


60 min

What you need:

  • Textile markers
  • Laundry marker for contours
  • Jeans or another item of clothing

Step 1

Slide a paper or cardboard backing between/underneath the fabric so that the colour does not bleed through. Then draw the outlines of PRESS START TO PLAY on the garment with the laundry marker.

Step 2

Now colour in the lettering with the black laundry marker and the red textile marker.

Your one-off is finished! ​

Incidentally: The colours are fixed after 24 hours, but if you can't wait that long, iron over the fabric (not a steam iron)

Tip: To protect your hand-decorated one-off from too much mechanical friction in the washing machine, simply turn the item inside out or use a laundry net. Washing by hand with mild detergent is even gentler.

Have fun with your new favourite jeans!