Unique frames and borders


60 min

What you need:

We recommend this selection of Faber-Castell products for this exercise: Pitt Artist Pen in black or any of the 48 colors. Different nips sizes and forms allow special effects and unique results. Enjoy!

You don’t need much formal preparation to begin doodling, but getting your hand accustomed to loose, flowing movement will help your doodles look relaxed and natural. The next several pages feature a variety of commonly doodled elements.

Exercises for Beginners

Use the following examples to practice drawing these, as well as to create your own designs! Start by practicing each of the patterns below in the spaces provided to get into the doodling groove.

Exercises for advanced

Practice more and more various frame elements. Use broader nips to create depth and shadows. Add embellishing elements. Elaborate more the edges… Nothing is impossible!

More ideas

Decorative embellishments
It’s time to take your lettering to the next level!
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Easy peasy lettering
“Doodle”: It’s fun, it’s liberating, and anyone can do it.
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Effectful negative lettering
Negative space is the area around and between the subject of an image!
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Great 3-D Effects
Discover the illusion of depth, as well as width and height.
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