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Hand Lettering "Love out loud"

Artists' Recommendations

  • Everybody 
What you need:
Watercolour paper, portrait format, from 300g, Faber-Castell pencil Castell 9000 HB, Faber-Castell watercolour pencil Albrecht Dürer Magnus, Faber-Castell Art & Graphic water brush, Ruler, Eraser

Step 1

Draw guide lines with the Castell 9000 HB pencils. This creates a symmetrical picture and can be erased later.

Step 2

Pre-sketch individual letters with the thick tip of the Magnus watercolour pencils. Then paint over them with the water brush.

Step 3

The more water you add by applying pressure to the tank, the lighter the colour will appear on the paper. This creates beautiful colour gradients!

Step 4

Allow the paint to dry well before carefully erasing the pencil lines. And you have lovely watercolour lettering!