Design your own wrapping paper with gift tags



30 min

What you need:

Pitt Artist Pen 1,5 white, Graphite pencil Grip 2001, wrapping paper in dark grey, white and dark red ribbon, stencils for Christmas baubles, gift tags

Wrapping paper

Step 1

Begin by creating a small sketch of your ideas for the wrapping paper design. Do the following to help you find out where you can draw your illustration on: Place the gift on the paper exactly as you would when wrapping it. Now carefully crease the wrapping paper at all four edges of the gift. You will now be able to see a rectangle formed by the gentle creases – this is the surface for your illustration.

Step 2

With the help of round paper stencils, use a pencil to draw three circles on the wrapping paper. Using a compass to do so may damage the wrapping paper. Therefore, simply draw the circles on a slightly thicker piece of paper and cut them out; alternatively, you can also use glasses of appropriate sizes as stencils.

Step 3

Draw the Christmas baubles on the wrapping paper first and then put your illustrations in the baubles. I used the Pitt Artist Pen Fineliner 1.5 in white 101 to do this.

Step 4

Place the gift on the wrapping paper exactly as you did at the beginning and wrap it up. Finally tie a little ribbon around the present and you're done!

Gift tag:

Step 1

As with the wrapping paper, start by creating a small sketch to help you decide things such as where to place the decorative flourishes and how you want to arrange the words.

Step 2

Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your lettering. This will allow you to properly plan the layout for the space available.

Step 3

Now write down your message word by word on the gift tag. Take your time to do this. 
You can create bold lines by applying more pressure and fine lines by applying less pressure – this will give you beautiful lettering.
I used the Pitt Artist Pen Brush in white 101 for the lettering. 
Give your gift tag the finishing touch by drawing the decorative flourish onto it.

Moira Schweiger

Moira Schweiger is a graphic designer living and working in Nuremberg, Germany. After graduating in communication design in 2007, Moira worked as an art director in various advertising agencies. In 2010 she started MOIRA STYLES and since then has taken on branding and design for own customers as well as advertising agencies. At the same time she started with hand lettering to express her love for typography in emotional, handdrawn pieces of joy. Moira also holds workshops to share her passion for modern calligraphy, and hand lettering all over Germany. Read more

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