Eraser cap Grip 2001 + 1 Free

Eraser cap Grip 2001 + 1 Free

The Grip Eraser Cap - attached on the rear to lengthen the pencil or on the front as a pencil point protector, it's always close at hand. It has the same high quality as all the other Faber-Castell quality erasers and is of course PVC-Free. The Eraser Cap comes in 3 colours (grey, red and blue)

Product details

  • PVC-Free eraser that does not contain Phthalate
  • Can be used for erasing and for lead protection
  • Shaped for smooth and precise erasing
  • Available in different colours: red, blue

PVC-free eraser

As a world leader in the production of erasers, Faber-Castell avoids the use of harmful softeners. The eraser is produced under strict quality control and are PVC-free.

Carbon-neutral production

The CO2 emissions caused by the manufacturing process of this product are neutralized by certified projects. Carbon-neutral production