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Colouring template magical Christmas tree
Download our magical Christmas tree for free
Stylish sustainable table decoration
Would you like to create a slightly different stylish table decoration? Then you might like this ideas with natural and sustainable materials!
Sustainable christmas gift packaging
Ever thought about wrapping your christmas gifts in fabric? Find sustainable and creative ideas here.
Crafting moose and snowman gift bag
DIY inspiration for your own creative gift bag
Enjoy the summer!
Creative decoration ideas for your neon party.
Wrapping paper with Connector paint box
Create your own individual wrapping paper for Christmas.
Creative Advent season
Colour-in templates and more creative inspiration for a relaxed Christmas at home.
Handlettering of "Hallo Frühling".
Hand Lettering "Hello Spring"
Hand Lettering
Colour Grip planes
Create your home-made Colour Grip plane – whether as a toy or as a decoration on a gift, the plane will make every child’s eyes light up. ​
Colour Grip Flowerpots
Use the Colour Grip or Jumbo Grip pencils to decorate the flowerpots any way you want.
Colour Grip Stones
Thanks to the Color Grip / Jumbo Grip pencils, you can let stones you find shine in new splendor. Color the stones in different colors and design them according to your wishes.
Colour our forest with its wildlife
Are you up for a discovery tour? Here you will find exotic plants and animals - just bring them to life with colours!
Colouring pages
Inspiring Creativity Colouring templates
Calendar in a textbook.
My selfmade journal
Create your self-designed bullet journal and add a bit of creativity into your daily life.
Handlettering "wünsch dir was".
Hand Lettering "Wünsch dir was"
Hand Lettering
Coloured bug
Colouring Beetles
A bunch of little beetles is waiting for colourful and funny carapaces.
How to colour this little dragon and his present
Let your fantasy bloom by colouring this little dragon and his present with a very special technique.
Tutorials: Different techniques with the Connector paintbox - Painting technique "flower stamping"
How to do flower stamping
Create your own personal field of flowers by using different colours or use other flowers and natural materials.
Tutorials: Different techniques with the Connector paintbox - Painting technique "finger printing"
How to do finger printing
Feel free to use your thumb or other fingers to make the prints too. You'll see how much fun it is to experiment with different shapes and sizes.
Tutorials: Different techniques with the Connector paintbox - Painting technique: "Paint splatters"
How to do paint splatters
The splatters will have different sizes depending on how forceful your movements are.
Colouring pages (medium): Skyline
How to colour a skyline (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
Colouring pages (advanced): Red poppy
How to colour a red poppy (advanced)
Colouring template (advanced)
Colouring cherries with a red pencil.
How to colour cherries (medium)
Colouring pages (easy): Little elephant
How to colour a little elephant (easy)
Colouring template (easy)
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