Products for children

Playing & Learning

Kids are bubbling over with ideas and eagerness. Encourage your children to spend their leisure time in a creative and meaningful way and you will enable them to enthusiastically play and learn at the same time. For this purpose, we offer your child a range of suitable products, increasing his or her enthusiasm and curiosity by including suggestions for play with our products and product sets.
Connecotr paintbox, watercup and a brush on a table
Discovering and understanding colour with our Connector Paint Box
The unique Connector paint box is perfect for any techniques and applications that children and teachers may want to explore in class.
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Connector Pens
Limitless playful fun with Connector Pens
The imagination knows no bounds here!
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Colouring for Children
Here you will find a large selection of free pictures and coloring templates for children, with which your children can free their creativity.
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Boat crafted with connector pens
Crafting for Children
Here you will find a wide selection of crafting ideas for childrens, which allow your them to give their creativity free rein.
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Tutorials: Different techniques with the Connector paintbox - Painting technique "flower stamping"
Painting for Children
Here you will find a variety of creative painting techniques that can be reinterpreted over and over again.
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Parallel technique with Connector Pens
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