35 years - one extraordinary journey

Anton-Wolfgang Count Faber-Castell

President of Faber-Castell Group

Dr. Toh Yan Peng

Managing Director of Asia Pacific


  • We began by producing erasers
  • Secured various international businesses


  • Driven by the motto "Doing ordinary things extraorinaryly well" Faber-Castell continuse to innovate quality writing, colouring and drawing products
  • We althou became one of the lagest producers of erasers, making up to 90% of the world´s export market


  • Appointed as the Official Supplier fo Stationery Products at the 16th Commonwealth Games
  • Produced at the first Malaysian-mad retractable ball point pen with soft-grip zone
  • Produced the first Malaysian-made gel pen


  • Built the most progrssive factory complete with showroom, production & logistics facilities in Subang Jaya
  • Built the Tallest Pencil in the World measuring 19.75 meters in height and 0.8 meters in diameter
  • Launched GRIP concept - featuring Non-Slip Grip Zone for tireless writing
Factory in Subang Jaya


  • Started producing environmentally-friendly and child-safe erasers with Phthalate-Free (PVC-Free) materials
  • Won multiple international awards for PVC-Free erasers
  • Awarded by the BrandLaureate as The World´s Best Brands in the Asia Pacific


  • Became the winner of 16 International Design Awards for GRIP range and other products


  • Conferred The Premier Brand Award from the Asia Pacific Brand Award from the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation for Brand Excellence in Writing & Drawing instruments


  • Celebrated 250. Anniversary worldwide in 2012


  • Voted by consumers as Reader´s Digest TRUSTED BRAND for the Pen and Pencil Categories in 2013

Today, we are one of the leading brands because of you!